S.K. Sarawagi & Co. Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 1961, a pioneering minerals and metals company has forayed into DRI and Steel making recently and has now introduced its latest product TMT Steel Rebars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Reinforcement Bars) for use in the construction industry.

The manufacturing unit, an automatic rolling mill is located at the Siltara, Raipur works of the company. The manufacturing unit, an automatic rolling mill is located at the Siltara, Raipur works of the company.

The unit produces TMT Rebars in sizes from 8mm to 32mm dia of Fe 415 and Fe 500 grades corresponding to IS 1786 quality.  Thermo mechanical Treatment is by the original Thermex Technology from HSE GMBH, Germany.

The company targets sales across India for its TMT Rebars through direct sales, through dealers and distributors and also institutional sales directly to large builders, contractors & construction companies.

The company with ISO 9001:2000 Certification has always set high standards in quality management and is and committed to maintain the strictest norms for its TMT Rebars.

Brand name SK DIAMOND has been chosen, SK represents the company identity and DIAMOND represents hardness, strength of the product.

Ours is an integrated steel plant producing sponge iron, mild steel ingots & billets & TMT rebars all in the same complex.  DRI kilns, Induction furnaces & the high speed automatic rolling mill function together achieving high productivity levels maintaining strict quality parameters.


Our rolling mill is equipped with 16 mill stands, escapement repeaters, reheating furnace, Thermex Quenching, DC Motors drives to control speeds, complete automation & PLC systems & power capacitors to control power factor.

Bars sizes of 8 MM upto 32 MM are produced.  Our mill has the ability to produce MS rounds upto 40 MM dia as well.


Civil and structural engineers have over the past few decades been demanding a deformed bar with high yield strength of minimum 500 N/mm2, to effect considerable savings in the reinforcement steel used in RCC works.  One method used to satisfy  the requirement was through the use of micro-alloys in steel.  But this raised the basic cost of steel and hence the very fundamental objective of steel savings in RCC work was defeated.


Around 1970, cold twisted deformed (CTD) was developed in Europe and sold under the brand name Torsteel. Many mills in Europe adopted this process with a lot of automatic twisting and building facilities, which raised the yield strength to the desired level but at the cost of ductility.  The resultant elongation values were poor, thus Europe was forced to abandon use of CTD bars within a few years of its development by about 1974!  Consequently, the use of bars with a minimum YS of 500 N/mm2 did not really pick up through the demand still existed.

The break-through was achieved in mid-eighties when rapid water-quenching process was developed viz TMT REBARS.  This water quenching process met the basic demand of civil engineers for high strength deformed bars with high yield strength, toughness and ductility.  The floodgates literally opened and the use of such bars in Europe rocketed.

TMT technology has revolutionized rebar manufacturing in terms of cost and reliability.  Through the use of TMT process technology, steel bars are produced with all the desirable properties of high strength steels.  On an average basis the cost of Reinforcement steel is about 40% of the cost per cubic metre of Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC) which is one of the most trusted and universally accepted building material.

The steel consumption can be significantly reduced by using High Strength Reinforcement Steel.


Our group focuses on continued growth in the identified sphere of Steel & related products.  Our upcoming projects include :

  • A 2x16.5 MVA ferro alloy plant in the state of Andhra Pradesh to produce Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese & Ferro Chrome.
  • A state of the art wire rod mill at our Siltara, Raipur works.
  • An integrated steel & power project in the state of Chhatishgarh with a production capacity of 3.5 Lac MT of Steel & 40 MW of Power for which an MOU with State Government of Chhatisgarh has been signed recently.

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